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Programming is fun! No, really, it is! I just love to make little programs that draw amazing pictures like the Mandelbrot Set and other fractals, or Harmonographs, or that make strange noises. But while I was learning Python, and looking for examples on the web to study, I found that most of the programs had a lot of features that made them a bit bloated, so it was harder than necessary to fathom out how they worked. Not that this is bad, they weren’t written to help me learn Python. But the code examples here are written for you to learn Python! Hopefully you’ll find them neat & tidy, well structured and commented, and fun to play with!

Programs are assigned to categories according to the level of knowledge or expertise of the learner:

Beginner: No knowledge at all of the topic,

Basic: A very basic knowledge of the topic but no professional usage,

Intermediate: A basic knowledge of the topic but no regular professional usage,

Advanced: A good knowledge of the topic and a regular professional usage.

About Me

I have many years experience in scientific systems software engineering (e.g. for Hubble Space Telescope, NASA, European Southern Observatory, Joint European Torus, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility) and web development. I’m available for freelance work in South Wales, or permanent or contract work in the UK, ideally as a trainer in computing topics such as programming in Python or C, on UNIX or Linux, or web development with WordPress. I have:

  • Passion for Python Programming!
  • Bachelor degrees in Physics & Mathematics
  • Skills in Web development, Linux, software engineering, Python, C, Perl, Fortran
  • been a science teacher, mathematics research assistant, programmer, team leader, web developer, online science shop founder.

Websites: Python3.codes (Python examples), Tuxar.uk (Linux & FOSS), FractalArt.GalleryPython.Zeef.comAbout.Me/alan.richmond, LinkedIn profile.

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