I’d very much welcome code contributions. If you’re interested please fill in the form below and indicate your level of Python proficiency, and what code examples you have in mind. I’ll then give you a Contributor account where you can create your own pages which I’ll publish when we both agree they’re ready.

Codes should be short and well-commented. The examples are supposed to help people to learn Python 3, in easily digestible chunks. Please study the PEP8 guidelines. In due course we might produce our own condensed version – learners need to start with good habits, but not be overwhelmed with a lot of rules. The main criterion is to strive for simple, readable code: descriptive but short variable names, clean structure, and comments that help to build a mental model of what the program is doing.

Codes should also be accompanied by some prose outlining the problem being solved, how the program solves it, and what feature(s) of Python 3 it illustrates. Don’t write a long essay, but do provide links to authoritative sources such as Wikipedia for any necessary background.

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