Python Programming Resources

If you’re looking for information, books, tutorials, blogs, editors & IDEs, etc about the Python programming language, then I humbly suggest you could do worse than checking out my curated list on Zeef, which is mirrored on this site. It covers a wide range of topics, e.g. Advanced Python Programming ♦ Beginning Python Programming ♦ Blogs about Python ♦ Books & PDFs on Python  ♦ Database for Python ♦ Examples in Python ♦ Interactive Development Environments ♦ Learn Python Interactive Tutorials ♦ Other Libraries for Python ♦ MOOCS on Python ♦ Python Reference ♦ Teaching Python ♦ Tutorials & Videos on Python ♦ Web Frameworks for Python ♦ Science & Data Analysis ♦ Game Development ♦ Python-related sub-Reddits ♦ Real Paper Books ♦ etc. Take a look and please feel free to suggest new Python programming links!

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